Flu Treatment & Prevention

The flu can cause a number of symptoms including cold symptoms like runny and stuffy nose, fever, nausea, and vomiting. Although there isn’t a cure for the flu, there are medications that can control your flu symptoms. Also, flu shots provide an effective way to prevent the flu from starting. People who already have the flu can get symptom relief to help them through recovery faster. The team at ER QuickCare is prepared to help Naples, Florida patients with the flu, from flu testing to flu shots to symptom relief.


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How are the flu and a common cold different?

A common cold and the flu often share symptoms, but they are very different. While both a cold and the flu are the result of a virus, they’re completely different viruses. The flu occurs if a flu virus causes any part of the respiratory system to be infected. The respiratory system includes the bronchial tubes, the lungs, the nose, and the throat. Common colds only affect the nose and the throat and generally have less severe symptoms.

What are the indicators that a patient is suffering from the flu?

The most common flu symptoms include:

  • Persistent cough
  • Painful throat
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Runny nose
  • Stuffy nose (congestion)
  • Fever
  • General body aches and pains
  • Decrease in appetite

Flu is generally a “whole body” illness that makes you feel all-around awful!

How is flu diagnosed?

At ER QuickCare, a quick and easy flu test is administered on-site if you have flu symptoms. Flu testing takes only seconds to perform and results are available almost immediately.

How serious is the flu?

The flu can be quite serious — even fatal in cases where it causes other conditions such as pneumonia. Although healthy people can generally recover from the flu successfully, people with a compromised immune system often have a more difficult time with recovery and have a higher risk for complications from the flu. Elderly people and very young children are especially vulnerable, as they have weaker immune systems.

How is flu prevented?

Prevention for the flu is simple today: the flu shot. Flu shots are recommended for most people today. People generally need a flu shot just once a year, and they’re especially important for those who have weak immune systems. Although a flu vaccination isn’t an absolute guarantee that flu won’t develop, it’s generally very effective in preventing the flu in most people. Flu shots are by far the most effective tool that modern medicine has available in terms of prevention. The medical care team at ER QuickCare is happy to help people with every aspect of flu prevention, including preventive flu shots in the office.

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