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Just Terrific!. Been here off and on for 15 years!

William Garley

September 26, 2020

I was very nervous and the staff and the physician were excellent.
They were concerned and calming. I am normally very healthy and
had had a dizzy spell and a very elevated blood pressure reading.
They also followed up to check on me Monday. Excellent experience!

Carol Reid

September 26, 2020

Clean and I felt safe!

Geraldine Buranosky

September 26, 2020

Excellent, clean, obvious care to avoid spread of ANY diseases, polite staff. Thank you all! I’ve been here many times. I live down Livingston Rd in Wyndemere.

Christine Ferguson

September 17, 2020

Great care as usual!

Rafael Font

September 3, 2020

In 2013 I was at home and my wife was at school teaching. I was having a heart attack and I was in complete denial. I didn’t want to call an ambulance so my wife was getting a sub and coming home to pick me up. By the time I got in her car I was having trouble breathing and there was considerable chest pain. When approaching Pine Ridge and Livingston I told my wife to pull in to ER Quick Care, where they proceeded to save my life. I’m talking everybody. They jumped up when I came walking in. The ladies at the front immediately got the word out emergency and they all responded along with the doctors and nurses. I’d give you names, but I don’t know them all. I do know they saved my life and for that I am eternally greatful. I’ve been back for other maladies none as grave as that one, and they’re wonderful people, always. Thank You, all of you.

Matthew Stone

January 20, 2020

This was my fourth time. There in the past two years fo different issues and every visit was excellent.

Cynthia Dunham

January 20, 2020

I would recommend to any of my friends. Today’s visit was excellent!
Keep it up!

Joseph Tarquini

January 16, 2020

Thank you for your amazing care and kindness. My foot was in good hand. My doctor and all staff / nurses were wonderful!
We are always impressed with your healthcare.

Suzanne Murphy

January 14, 2020

Fantastic facility!

Mike Cagle

January 14, 2020

Very through assessments. Neat, clean office. Have used this facility for 5 or 6 years following recommendations from a local physician.

Judith Stroup

January 14, 2020

Have had two visits while visiting Naples. As soon as you arrive you are treated with kindness. The care is nothing short of the best. Diagnosis is quick and right on. Shout out to Dr. Turbiner who has a great bedside manner and REALLY cares. Best urgent care in Naples!

Teri Conklin

October 27, 2019

Very helpful and nice staff and doctor. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of care and speed at which I was seen. I have had bad experiences at other urgent care facilities in the past but not at your facility. Very satisfied patient!!! A++++++!!

Kimberly Riley

October 12, 2019

I’ve been coming here since the opening and have had a positive experience each and every time!

Pamela Price

September 29, 2019

Good experience, people very professional

Peggy Hale

September 29, 2019

Wonderful doctor! Great diagnostician! Awesome staff! Couldn’t ask for more or better service!

Maria and Joseph Maneri

September 29, 2019

Live near by and known since your opening

Laurence and Kathryn Mohn

September 28, 2019

Positive experience, as alway

Lori Arnold

September 14, 2019

Exceeded my expectations in EVERY WAY!

Ken Haman

September 14, 2019

Well pleased, Thank you so much!

Kay Krebs

September 14, 2019

Great attitude! Communicaion was very clear. It is great when they advise you what you can expect in costs, results and wait time. Also, very honest. They won’t ask you to spend in something if it is not worthy.

Gilberto Luciano

September 7, 2019

I would recommend this urgent care to anybody. They did the best job for me when I needed to be seen quickly. There was no wait time to be put in a room or seeing the doctor. The staff was great!! They helped me so much, best place ever!! Thanks again!!


June 29, 2019

As always, I received super service there when I came to the clinic on June 26. ERQC is a wonderful “mini” emergency room! Thanks for being in Naples.

Jan Wolfe

June 26, 2019

I’d give y’all a 12 out of 10!!
Office staff is quick and extremely helpful. Nursing staff stellar and good to work with Doc was from my original area of the world and was spectacular in quickly diagnosing a world class sinus infection. Was in and out in less than an hour. Will definitely use your facility again!! Thanks for being there.

Sara Wilson

June 22, 2019

Great, friendly staff, clean facility! Linda, my nurse, was great and Dr. Rosenfield was very personable and took his time with me as a patient. I didn’t feel like the appointment was rushed. I would definitely go back and refer others as well.

Jennifer Jill Martin

June 14, 2019

ER Quickcare has incredible service. It is a clean, friendly and knowledgeable place to have medical care. I am a Canadian patient that visits the area a couple times of year. Any medical concerns I visit ER Quickcare for tests, advice, quick results and guidance. The entire team is great. Big thank you to Dr. Rosenfield and his team.

Dawn Conci

May 22, 2019

Sorry I was not able to do this on Google Maps, but I wanted you to know how very pleased I was with the care I received at ER QuickCare. This office is very professionally and efficiently run. The office staff, nurses and you are very competent, and in addition to that, extremely kind and caring. I truly appreciate that. Please consider this a 5+ Stat rating. I have recommended this group to anyone in need of your services. Thank you very much, Alma Levine.

Alma Levine

February 7, 2019

If you need treatment fast this is better than ER…best Urgent Care Center we have ever been to. Dr. Rosenfield asked me more questions than my primary care Dr. staff is great….very efficient and professional!

Joyce Evanchick

January 31, 2019

Dr. Crowley and all the staff were friendly, courteous, and efficient. Highly recommend if you are in need of medical attention.

Bill Hamm

January 26, 2019

Really want to thank you for sending me to ER on Wednesday. I had a perforated appendix and had it removed Wednesday afternoon and came home Thursday. I would probably have not acted so quickly on my own. Cheers!

Angela Clark

January 5, 2019

Very through care after a fall. Dr. Crowley was professional yet friendly and caring. Wait time was minimal and other staff were excellent as well.

Meyer Michele

December 5, 2018

Thank you for your follow up phone call yesterday (Nov 28). My laryngitis still prevents me from speaking. However, my searing sore throat and chest congestion are much improved. I appreciate the care Dr. Piasan gave me on Nov 27. He was willing to be patient with me when I was unable to speak and he read the notes I had to write for communication…

Susanna Olson

November 29, 2018

I visited ER QuickCare for a serious infection. I was immediately seen/diagnosed, received IV antibiotics and script for home. Labs were done to insure infection localized. Returned following day for follow up treatment/care.

I needed another dose of IV antibiotics. I received exceptional care from Dr. Crowley and RN’s Linda and Pedro.

I would highly recommend this excellent facility and definitely give it 5 stars!

Thomas Fazio

August 21, 2018

I’ve been to ER QuickCare several times in the past and each time my experience has been excellent. I’ve received treatment quickly and professionally and left with the confidence that they diagnosed my problem and provided a solution that was the right remedy for me. Thank you.

Peter A.

June 12, 2018

Very professional, friendly & really liked the doctor.

Rosemary T.

June 12, 2018

When you are from Michigan and get sick in Florida, you wonder how it will work out. The hotel desk clerk recommended ER Quick Care from their directory. Good choice. After talking to my son later, I found out they used the same place for years as their primary doctor. The check in was easy and the front desk people, 2 very pleasant young ladies, checked to see if the doctor might need a urine sample so that it was done before it was needed. I am a 79 year old grouchy guy sometimes and I had been losing sleep because I was waking up in extreme pain every night but was OK during the day. The nurse used to be an ER nurse and knows exactly what she needed to do. She started to hear my long sad story and told me to hold it for the doctor so that I did not have to repeat it. I met Dr Carlos Paisan and thought it was going to be the battle of the grouches, but he was just clarifying that we were not there to fix every problem I ever had in my life, he wanted the one problem that brought me there to begin with. He listened, told me what he was going to look for, had xrays taken in his office, he read the xrays (not some guy in Chicago), had a blood test and explained what he thought it was, what he thought might solve the problem, and what to do when I got back home in 2 days. That included seeing my regular doctor. They were all amazed that I had already left them a urine sample, but not the young ladies at the check in desk. Dr Paisan was right on. I did everything he recommended and After 2 extremely painful days of driving, my doctor read all the information Dr Paison gathered, agreed with him, and started treating me immediately. The xray tech gave me a copy of the xray for my doctor. I am absolutely satisfied with the visit to the ER Quick Care. I never would have even come close to guessing what the problem was and what I was doing was not bringing any relief. All of the people in the office were great and I thank them.

Richard C.

June 12, 2018

Paul H.

June 11, 2018


U saved my life, Thank U

Fred H.

June 10, 2018

Fast and easy medical attention and a very professional manner.

Janet D.

June 8, 2018

I’ve had to come here for myself and my daughter a few times. They are great doctors, quick, and professional.

David S.

April 21, 2018


This is my usual clinic and they are great. Took my son to a different clinic that was closer to home but I won’t do that again.

Amy M.

April 4, 2018


My husband and I will continue to use this facility while in Florida. The staff was incredibly competent and the medical doctor extremely thorough. The professionalism and caring was outstanding. What a relief to have found this place. Thank all of you at ER Quickcare.

David & Deborah B.

April 4, 2018


I was there this week with the flu. The wait was less than half hour and the Staff, Nurses and Doctors were very courteous and professional! I was surprised to see this quality of care in a clinic.

Jonnie mc.

March 29, 2018


We were in the area on vacation and each of our two young children had had incidents the day before that required urgent, but not emergency, medical attention. Our family in the area referred us to ER QuickCare and we found a place that we would definitely go back to (but hopefully won’t have to). The staff was friendly and gracious, especially to our our children. While neither issue was ultimately that serious, Dr. Rosenfield was friendly, spent time looking at both issues, talked us through the treatments he was prescribing and things we should look for going forward. In the end, they gave each of the kids a stuffed animal toy. The experience could not have been better. Thanks!

Michael D.

March 22, 2018


I was there yesterday in a lung flare up. I was seen within 20 minutes and treated with a nebulizer and out the door with prescriptions in another half hour. Amazing for a emergency clinic. The doctor was rated a top Florida emergency clinic doc for 2017. I’m so impressed.

Suzanne A.

March 9, 2018


Very pleased. Staff are fast and courteous. Lab work and diagnosis complete and prescribed antibiotics. In at 11:45 out by 1.

Leo M.

March 5, 2018


A friend recently had to drive me to ER QuickCare due to a foot injury. Upon checking in at the front desk, the staff admitted me in an expeditious manner. Nurse, Linda got me into a wheel chair and made sure I was as comfortable as possible. At the end of the visit, because I could not walk, she wheeled me to my car and helped teach me how to properly use the new crutches I was provided with. I was seen by both Dr. Crowley and Dr. Turbiner, both of whom were extremely helpful and knowledgeable in providing me with information needed to handle the injury problem. Though I was somewhat stressed and grumpy dealing with the discomfort of my foot, nurse Linda and the Doctors managed to bring a few welcomed light moments of laughter. Everyone was very caring and attentive and I was most appreciative of the thorough medical treatment I was provided with.

Lee B.

February 26, 2018


Dr. Crowley was great. Received a thorough exam and avoided a hospital stay. Great people.

Eleanor G.

February 23, 2018

We were there yesterday and it is a first rate place. Everyone is friendly, patient, caring and extremely professional. They took great care of our 84 year old uncle. We highly recommend them.

Terri P.

February 19, 2018


I had never visited this office before, but I had visited another walk-in clinic and was still ill. My regular doctor’s office had no appointments, and the receptionist suggested I try ER QuickCare, as she is a patient there. I was not disappointed, and I felt that the doctor took a fair amount of time with me, listened to my complaints and prescribed meds that actually helped me get better! The office even called me the next day to see how I was feeling. I will definitely use this service in the future and have told many people about my positive experience.

Marie R.

February 14, 2018

It was quick and very efficient. Two thumbs up!

Ingrid F.

February 12, 2018

I have been using ER Quickcare for many years now for my general health needs and they have always been quick and very professional. The doctors have also been great and very personable!

Cristie S.

January 28, 2018


Great, friendly staff! I made the mistake of skipping them to go to a different urgent care with my daughter. Ended up back there anyway. Everyone was great and helpful. Office called the next day to check on my daughter. I even called with questions the next day and got answers right away. The wait may be a little longer there, but itís because everyone wants to have great care, especially when you’re not at your best self.

Michael J.

January 21, 2018



Margaret T.

January 19, 2018

I HIGHLY recommend ER Urgent Care. The staff was very friendly and competent. Nurse Lori was super! Dr. Amber Crowley is top notch and very personable. Dr Crowley’s care made me feel at ease like no other urgent care in naples . I felt 90% better the next day after seeing Dr. Crowley. I’m so glad they’re available for urgent care needs.

Bev H.

January 17, 2018

Doctor and nurses were GREAT. Very understanding and concerned. Made you feel comfortable. Would recommend highly

George W.

January 9, 2018

Didn’t have to wait very long, good service, very pleased.

Linda L.

January 8, 2018

The visit was quick and painless with very little wait time.

Karen M.

January 6, 2018

Everyone was super nice and efficient. I Would go back again.

Heather B.

January 1, 2018

Pete A.

December 31, 2017


Sally F.

December 31, 2017


We were taken very good care of. Got seen by the doctor very quickly

Georgia W.

December 31, 2017


Steve W.

December 31, 2017


Mary A.

December 25, 2017


Great staff and doctors.

Jodi T.

December 25, 2017


Michael G.

December 23, 2017

Very Professional!

Carol P.

December 23, 2017

Ruth K.

December 23, 2017


Visited Quickcare ER while on vacation. Very satisfied with the care I received. I was diagnosed with bronchitis and given scripts for antibiotics and cough medicine! Quick and efficient!

Pamela G.

December 21, 2017

Took great care of Jack and me. Was in and out in no time. Followed up to make sure we were doing ok.

Georgia Rhees W.

December 20, 2017


Dianne Y.

December 8, 2017


Always have great doctors that take their time with you and are very thorough. Office staff is friendly and professional. I highly recommend ER QuickCare anytime you need to see a doctor.

Ann G.

December 8, 2017


Great urgent care medical facility offering far more services than the competition. I would highly recommend ER QuickCare, they even have x-rays and an on site lab. Wait time was very reasonable and I was treated by a friendly and professional staff. Every procedure I required was clearly explained to me. Dr. Crowley was outstanding as were my nurses Sandi and Jacob. I had a hand laceration and was stitched up in no time. My discharge papers were clear and concise. I was even called the following day to check on my status. There are other urgent care facilities in Naples but this is the only one I would go to.

Linda L.

December 7, 2017


Joanna G.

November 8, 2017


Isabella S.

October 20, 2017


Very quick service!

Daniel M.

October 17, 2017

Extremy happy. Iv’ed lived in Naples since 1999 and this ER quick care is the top of the heap. Extremely professional,not only the Doctors but the nursing staff and office staff. I came in the office 2 weeks ago with the Flu and also pneumonia. I couldn’t even see my regular internist immediately. I was referred to this group by a friend and they are the only people I will use or my family will use when we are sick or have an emergency. I never had any doctor use an IV except the hospital ER room and then you have to have tons of uneccessary tests and stay 6-8 hr, minimum. I am convinced that if it wasn’t for their fast appropriate action I would have been a lot sicker and perhaps still ill. I can’t tell you how great it feels to actually receive great caring health care form people that care.

Dennis S.

October 15, 2017

Very professional, With great caring Drs. and staff

Joyce V.

October 13, 2017

Woody G.

October 8, 2017


Brittany D.

October 8, 2017


I arrived near closing time. The staff still made me feel welcomed! They did not rush, and took their time to access my health concerns. I made a phone call to their office, on another date, and the phone was promptly answered; along with my question. I highly recommend them!

Sheila D.

October 4, 2017


I went to ERQuickCare because I was having painful back spasms. They all could not have been any kinder or more helpful than they were. They saw me quickly & were compassionate and concerned that I respond to treatment or return for additional care if needed.

Rosemary T.

October 2, 2017

Brittany Dolan-M.

September 30, 2017


Always quick and professional with excellent results and the staff is wonderful.

Francis B.

September 20, 2017

Patricia E.

September 8, 2017

I cannot say enough good comments about this clinic and the doctors and staff. They were right on in getting the right tests and diagnosis which resulted in a much needed hospital stay

Katie S.

September 8, 2017


Admittedly, I visited in the off season, but I was seen within minutes. Thorough and thoughtful exam, and on the spot treatment which helped resolve my issue quickly.

Bob W.

September 8, 2017


Professional, efficient, courteous, and friendly. I went on a Saturday morning at 8am and was finished with script in hand at 9:15. I would highly recommend.

Silvia L.

September 8, 2017


After my regular MD missed the issue, went to ER QuickCare and got the right diagnosis and the right drug to fix it. Very happy!!

Ken M.

September 8, 2017


Pat C.

September 8, 2017


Jim L.

September 8, 2017


Janis H.

August 8, 2017


Always caring, professional and take care of my problems from sinus infections to skin rash! Regular doctor’s not P.A’s! Been a happy patient for 10 years!

Glenn M.

August 8, 2017


ER QuickCare is my primary medical care for my entire family! I know when I need to go, there will always be an ER Certified Physician there. Unlike other “Urgent” care centers where they have a Physician on staff, but you’re seen by a PA who can’t always provide the treatment you need.They also have onsite X-Ray and Lab facilities, so unless you need tests like specialized lab work, a CT Scan, MRI or Ultrasound, it’s done there and you get your results fast! I’ve always highly recommended ER QuickCare to all my friends and family!

Chris H.

August 8, 2017


I was very pleased with my experience at Er Quickcare! Dr. Rosenfield and all the other employees were very professional and caring.Thank you very much!

Maria H.

August 8, 2017


Andrew D.

August 8, 2017


Very quick , professional and caring.

Clare S.

August 8, 2017


Even though I have my own concierge doctor, I use ER QuickCare especially for colds and flu because they are exposed to more than my doctor and know what’s going around.

Rich L.

August 8, 2017


Was very impressed with the wonderful care and treatment I received. Also the call I got from Dr. Crowley at the end of the day was impressive because usually we do not get that personal attention anymore. Would definitely visit this office again.

Patricia Marie G.

July 27, 2017


I would recommend ER Quickcare. My daughter and I walked in the door around 6:10. Even though they were closing at 6:30…they took us in immediately and treated us like family. They performed a whole list of testing. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. This is our go to place for X-rays etc. Beats paying the high prices at the hospital.


July 26, 2017


Great staff and the doctor is very patient and understanding.

Kenneth J.

July 8, 2017


They are a great team. They work together to help the patience. The nurse even follows up the following day to see how you are doing. I’m glad they have late hours.

Victoria Diaz M.

July 2, 2017


When during my lunch hour at work. The front staff was very professional and courteous, the nurses are so nice and welcoming and Dr.Rosenfeld was so kind. He is very professional and knowledgeable. I’d rather come here for my annual check ups than my regular PCP. 🙂

Joana L.

June 8, 2017

This is a great place to go all the doctors nurses and staff are awesome.

Scott E M.

June 2, 2017


Very favorable… these people are very efficient very professional an overall good care. Got my follow-up phone call the very next day to see how I was feeling

Bruce B.

January 18, 2017


Nice people friendly professional and very good at what they do.

Jeff B.

January 8, 2017


Rebecca P.

January 8, 2017


I recently visited the ER QuickCare facility on Livingston Road and Pine Ridge. The place is top notch, the staff extremely friendly, and the wait wasn’t that bad. Dr. Rosenfeld was professional and courteous in his examination and the staff behind the counter very helpful. As far as walkin clinics, this place is the best. Thanks for all your help!

Anne-Marie P.

January 7, 2017


Came here while on vacation. Looked at local urgent cares and even though it was a few miles further then the other urgent care which reviews were not as good we are glad we did. Little bit of wait, but great staff and dr! He was great with my 12 year old daughter. Clean! Would recommend!

Rose D.

March 29, 2016


Tricia Lou M.

March 22, 2016


Amazing Staff. Incredible DR’s. Very knowledgeable and compassionate. Can’t think of a better place to go for my health needs. Dr. Rosenfield “YOU ROCK”

Patricia Tracy-S.

January 8, 2016


Dr. Paisan has assisted me these past few years with both ear and back issues. He is extremely knowledgable, professional and personable.

Robert C.

January 8, 2016


I was taken to quick care because the extent of my problem was not extremely urgent to end up in the emergency room. I was seen quickly and had an X-ray and other standard stuff done. They then referred me for a cat scan at Naples diagnostic imaging. I then went back and the doctor ran through everything with me. Overall they were quick and a lot cheaper and less stressful than going to the emergency room.

Kristine S.

July 27, 2014


I went to ER Care while vacationing in Florida not realizing the reason I wasn’t feeling well was because I had a sinus infection and bronchitis. Dr. Taylor was wonderful, explained things in terms I could understand, and in less the 24 hours, I’m already feeling much better from the prescription she gave me!

Lincoly W.

January 8, 2014


I found myself on the phone all morning with rude office help from numerous doctor’s offices in the area looking for help. ER Quickcare
was the only place that didn’t treat me like a bother and I was impressed with the professionalism and acuity that was presented when I arrived.The waiting time was minimal and my kidney infection was quickly diagnosed and I was out the door with my prescription! This place does not accept appointments, it is walk-in only. Very clean and welcoming atmosphere. Located in the same plaza as Comcast, Metro PCS and Starbucks on Livingston Rd/Pine Ridge Rd

Jack S.

July 29, 2013


I went there today for the first time for an injury to my ribs and shoulder. All the people there are extremely nice and professional. Dr. Taylor is extremely throrough and easy to talk to. Paige and Lynn went above and beyond to make my time there comfortable and enjoyable. I will definitely go back in the future for any medical needs I have. I would recommend them to anyone needing care.

Scott M.

January 8, 2011


I am so impressed with the ER Quick-care in Naples, FL! Dr. Rosenfield, Dr Taylor and their entire staff are amazing. They are upbeat, honest, friendly and treat their patients with such care. I have used them several times and have never had an issue! I get right in to see the doctor. I hadn’t used them since June of this year until 2 days ago and Dr Rosenfield remembered me! They are very attentive and down to earth. They actually take the time to listen to the patient and never make you feel like you are just a number to them. Their prices are very reasonable. I have never been treated so well! The front desk personnel and the nurses complete the overall wonderful experience I have always had when using their services. The follow up phone calls just to make sure I am doing okay show how much this staff cares about their patients after leaving their office. Kudos to Dr Rosenfield and the entire staff of ER Quick-care, you are A++ in my book. I highly recommend them! Tricia M. of Naples, FL

Tricia M.

January 8, 2010


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