Located in Naples, Florida, ER QuickCare offers pediatric care to families who live in the area. The field of pediatrics is primarily concerned with the health of children up to 18 years of age. Each member of the staff is highly skilled at treating the health conditions that affect children and teens. If you are looking for a medical facility that offers pediatric to its patients, call and schedule an appointment with one of the providers at the facility today! Each member of the staff is highly skilled at treating the health conditions that affect children and teens.


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What does pediatrics cover?

Pediatrics is the practice of treating children and teens. A pediatrician begins to care for a child as a newborn and maintains their care until they reach the ages of 16 to 18 years of age. As children grow and develop, their bodies change in unique ways that require a specific skill set. This is especially true when it comes to the upper respiratory system.

The benefit of having a pediatrician over a general practitioner is the pediatrician watches the child grow from infancy. This gives the provider an opportunity to watch the child’s development and monitor their health from the first days of their lives. A pediatrician also offers vaccinations, wellness checks, and the treatment of a wide variety of childhood illnesses and diseases.

Why are ear infections so common?

The passage that travels between the back of the throat and the middle ear is extremely small in children. It’s also more horizontal, causing the fluid it contains to become more stagnant. In adults, the passage is longer and the fluid it contains is better able to flow freely.

When the fluid in the middle ear becomes trapped, it’s much more likely to result in an ear infection. Both bacteria and viruses can collect within the passage. Unless the fluid is allowed to move freely, the infection continues to grow, resulting in extreme pain and pressure behind the ear drum.

What are the benefits of yearly school physicals?

Schools throughout the United States are requiring all school age children receive yearly physicals before returning to class. There are several reasons behind this, but mostly it’s to ensure that all children are up to date on their vaccinations and are in good general health prior to attending school. Athletes often receive an athletic physical that will clear them to play in the sport of their choice.

These physicals can often uncover potential health problems that could adversely affect the student during the school year. Part of the yearly physical is having the child’s eyes examined. This can detect changes in vision that could pose a problem in the classroom. Finding the problem early in the school year allows the student to receive prompt and appropriate treatment.

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